Definition & Meaning of "JFR"

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jfr :
Just for reference

Usage of JFR

JFR is an abbreviation commonly used in texting that stands for 'Just for reference.' It is used when someone wants to provide additional information or context about something that they are discussing with another person. The phrase is typically used as a preface to a statement or fact that may be relevant to the conversation.

Examples of JFR used in texting:

1) Example of JFR used in texting: "JFR, the movie starts at 7 pm so we should try to get there a bit early to get good seats."

2) Example of JFR used in texting: "JFR, I'm not available next Saturday because I have a family event to attend."

3) Example of JFR used in texting: "JFR, I've never been to that restaurant before so I'm not sure what to expect in terms of prices."

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "jfr"

jfr :
Just for reference

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