Definition & Meaning of "JFO"

What does jfo mean? View the definition of jfo and all related slang terms containing jfo below:

jfo :
just f**k off

Usage of JFO

The abbreviation JFO is a rude and offensive way to tell someone to leave or go away. It is an abbreviation that stands for 'just f**k off' and is often used in situations where someone is annoying, frustrating, or bothering the person using the abbreviation. JFO is not appropriate language and should be avoided in polite conversation.

Examples of JFO used in texting:
1. "I can't deal with your drama anymore, JFO!"
2. "Why do you keep texting me? JFO and leave me alone!"
3. "Your constant negativity is bringing me down, it's time you JFO and take your bad vibes elsewhere."

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "jfo"

jfo :
just f**k off

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