Definition & Meaning of "JCAM"

What does jcam mean? View the definition of jcam and all related slang terms containing jcam below:

jcam :
just checking away message

Usage of JCAM

The term JCAM is an abbreviated form of 'just checking away message'. It is used when someone wants to know whether their friend or acquaintance is available or not. When someone puts up an "away" message on social media or instant messaging platforms, it means they are not available to chat. It's essential to check their availability before starting a conversation, and JCAM makes it easy to do so.

Examples of JCAM used in texting:

1. Hey, I see your away message on Instagram. JCAM, are you still busy?

2. I noticed you're away on Skype. Just checking away message, are you available to talk?

3. Saw your away status on WhatsApp. JCAM, when do you think we can catch up?

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "jcam"

jcam :
just checking away message

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