Definition & Meaning of "JFN"

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jfn :
just for now

Usage of JFN

The abbreviation JFN is frequently used in texting as a shorthand way of saying 'just for now'. It is often used to suggest a temporary solution or a temporary state of affairs, implying that something may change in the future. For example, if someone were planning to move house soon, they might say "I'll just rent an apartment JFN until I find a permanent place". It is a versatile abbreviation that can be used in many situations to suggest a short-term solution.

Examples of JFN used in texting:

1. "I'm feeling really stressed out at work. I'm going to take a break JFN to grab some coffee and clear my head."
2. "My phone is almost dead and I don't have a charger with me. Can I call you back in 20 minutes JFN once I find a charger?"
3. "I don't have time to finish this project by the end of the day. Can we extend the deadline JFN until tomorrow afternoon?"

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "jfn"

jfn :
just for now

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