Definition & Meaning of "JFC"

What does jfc mean? View the definition of jfc and all related slang terms containing jfc below:

jfc :
Jesus f**king Christ

Usage of JFC

The abbreviation JFC is used in texting as a way to express disbelief, shock, or frustration. It stands for "Jesus f**king Christ" and is often used to convey strong emotions in a concise manner. The use of this abbreviation can sometimes be considered offensive or vulgar, so it is important to use it appropriately.

Examples of JFC used in texting:
1. "JFC, I can't believe the line at the grocery store. It's wrapped around the building."
2. "I just got a parking ticket for parking on my own street. JFC, this is ridiculous."
3. "Have you seen the news? JFC, another celebrity scandal. It's like they don't learn."

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "jfc"

jfc :
Jesus f**king Christ

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