Definition & Meaning of "JTYLTK"

What does jtyltk mean? View the definition of jtyltk and all related slang terms containing jtyltk below:

jtyltk :
just thought you'd like to know

Usage of JTYLTK

JTYLTK is an abbreviation used in texting to inform the recipient that you have some information that you believe they might find interesting or useful. This abbreviation is often used in casual conversations when you want to share small tidbits of information with a friend, family member or acquaintance. It is a way of conveying a sense of friendliness and care, indicating that you are looking out for their interests.

Examples of JTYLTK used in texting:

1. Hey, JTYLTK - I found out that the restaurant we went to last week is offering a 10% discount for students with ID. Thought you might want to know since you're a student too!
2. JTYLTK - I heard from a friend that the best rated movie of the year is now available on Netflix. It's called "The Trial of the Chicago 7". You should definitely watch it!
3. JTYLTK - I just read an article that says eating dark chocolate can improve your memory! I know you love chocolate, so thought you'd find that interesting.

All of these text messages serve as examples of how JTYLTK can be used to share information with someone in a quick and friendly way. They express a sense of thoughtfulness and concern for the recipient.

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "jtyltk"

jtyltk :
just thought you'd like to know

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