Definition & Meaning of "JK"

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jk :
just kidding

Usage of JK

The abbreviation JK is an abbreviation that stands for 'just kidding.' It is used in texts or messages to indicate that the previous statement or message was a joke or not serious. This abbreviation is popular in informal conversations, especially among friends and family. It helps to clarify that the sender did not intend to offend or hurt the recipient's feelings with their previous message.

Example of JK used in texting:

1) Friend 1: "I can't believe you failed your math test!"
Friend 2: "Hey, I studied hard. JK, it was actually pretty easy."

2) Girlfriend: "I can't wait to see you tonight ;)"
Boyfriend: "Me too! JK, I'm actually dreading it haha."

3) Sister: "You're always hogging the bathroom!"
Brother: "Sorry sis, I'll try to be more considerate. JK, I'll just take longer showers next time."

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "jk"

damhikijk :
Don't Ask Me How I Know - I Just Know
ijk :
I'm Just kidding
iwjk :
i was just kidding
jk :
just kidding
jka :
just kidding around
jking :
jkl :
just kidding loser
jklol :
Just Kidding Laughing Out Loud
jkn :
jks :
jkz :

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