Definition & Meaning of "JF"

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jf :
just fooling

Usage of JF

The abbreviation JF is commonly used in texting as a way to express that the previous statement or action was not meant to be taken seriously. It is a lighter way of saying 'just kidding' or 'not serious'. The abbreviation JF can be used to diffuse a tense situation or to add a touch of humor to a conversation. It has become a popular way of expressing sarcasm or playful teasing between friends.

Example 1:
Person A: I can't believe you got an A on that test!
Person B: Yeah, I'm pretty much a genius JF

Example 2:
Person A: Do you think we should go skydiving next weekend?
Person B: Uh, no way! JF

Example 3:
Person A: You look really tired today, did you get enough sleep?
Person B: Yeah, I just haven't had my coffee yet...JF

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "jf"

ijf :
i just farted
jf :
just fooling
jfa :
just f**king around
jfc :
Jesus f**king Christ
jfdi :
Just f**king Do It!
jff :
just for fun
jfg :
just for giggles
jfgi :
just f**king google it
jfi :
just forget it
jfj :
jump for joy
jfk :
Just f**king kidding
jfl :
just for laughs
jflts :
just felt like typing something
jfn :
just for now
jfo :
just f**k off
jfr :
Just for reference
jftr :
just for the record
jfu :
just for you
jfwy :
just f**king with you
nmjfa :
nothing much, just f**king around
obgjfioyo :
old but good job finding it on your own

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