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im :
Instant Message

What does im mean?

im means "Instant Message"

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "im"

a3 :
anyplace, anywhere, anytime
abft :
About f**king Time
aicmfp :
and I claim my five pounds
aim :
AOL instant messanger
aimmc :
Am I making myself clear
anim8 :
atop :
at time of posting
atst :
At the same time
attotp :
At The Time Of This Post
bbim :
Be Back In Minute
bbsts :
be back some time soon
blnt :
Better Luck Next time
bmttveot :
best mates till the very end of time
bobfoc :
Body of Baywatch, Face of Crimewatch
bwim :
by which i mean
catwot :
complete and total waste of time
ciwwaf :
cute is what we aim for
cpm :
cost per 1000 impressions
csi :
Crime Scene Investigation
cwot :
complete waste of time
cyntott :
see you next time on Tech Today
dfwmt :
Don't f**king waste my time
dnimb :
dancing naked in my bra
dwioyot :
Deal With It On Your Own Time
dwmt :
don't waste my time
dylh :
do you like him
eta :
Estimated Time of Arrival
fbimcl :
Fall Back In My Chair Laughing
fimh :
forever in my heart
ft2t :
From time to time
ftio :
fun time is over
ftlt :
For the last time
fttp :
for the time being
G. O. A. T. :
Greatest Of All Time
gim :
google instant messanger
gimme :
give me
gimmie :
give me
gis :
Google Image Search
gwytose :
go waste your time on someone else
hmus :
Hit me up sometime
idmhw :
im doing my homework
igtkya :
im going to kick your a**
iitywimwybmad :
if I tell you what it means will you buy me a drink
ilhsm :
i love him/her so much
im :
Instant Message
im'd :
instant messaged
im26c4u :
I am too sexy for you
ima :
I am a
imao :
in my arrogant opinion
imb :
I am back
imcdo :
in my conceited dogmatic opinion
imed :
instant messaged
imfao :
In My f**king Arrogant Opinion
imfo :
in my f**king opinion
imh :
I am here
imhbco :
In my humble but correct opinion
imhe :
in my humble experience
imho :
in my humble opinion
imm :
instant message me
imma :
I'm going to
imnerho :
In my not even remotely humble opinion
imnl :
I'm not laughing
imnshmfo :
In My Not So Humble Mother f**king Opinion
imnsho :
in my not so humble opinion
imo :
in my opinion
imoo :
in my own opinion
impo :
In My Personal Opinion
impov :
in my point of view
imr :
in my room
imsb :
i am so bored
imsry :
I am sorry
imtaw :
it may take a while
imts :
I meant to say
imu :
i miss you
imusm :
I miss you so much
imvho :
in my very humble opinion
imwtk :
Inquiring minds want to know
imy :
I miss you
imy2 :
i miss you to
imya :
i miss you already
imysfm :
i miss you so f**king much
iotd :
image of the day
isbya :
im sorry but you asked
iss :
im so sorry
iukwim :
if you know what i mean
iykwim :
if you know what I mean
iyswim :
if you see what I mean
jit :
just in time
kib :
okay, im back
kis :
keep it simple
kwim :
Know What I Mean
legit :
lim :
Like it Matters
limh :
laugh in my head
lmaomtoaoa :
Laugh my a** off many times over and over again
lmtd :
lolpimp :
Laughing out loud peeing in my pants
lolwtime :
laughing out loud with tears in my eyes
lt :
long time
ltnc :
Long time no see
ltns :
long time no see
ltnsoh :
Long time, no see or hear
ltnt :
long time no talk
mnt :
More next time
nimby :
not in my backyard
omt :
one more time
pae :
Pimpin aint easy
pbjt :
peanut butter jelly time
pfy :
pimply faced youth
pima :
Pain in my a**
pimfa :
pain in my f**king a**
pimha :
Pain in my hairy a**
pimpl :
pissing in my pants laughing
pto :
Personal Time Off
pydim :
put your d**k in me
roflmaoapimp :
rolling on the floor laughing my a** off and peeing in my pants
roflmaowpimp :
rolling on floor laughing my a** off while peeing in my pants
roflmfaopimp :
rolling on the floor laughing my f**king a** off pissing in my pants
roflpimp :
rolling on the floor laughing pissing in my pants
roflwtime :
Rolling on the Floor laughing with tears in my eyes
rotflmfaopimp :
rolling on the floor laughing my f**king a** off peeing in my pants
rts :
Real-time strategy
seo :
Search Engine Optimization
simcl :
sitting in my chair laughing
simclmao :
sitting in my chair laughing my a** off
smst :
somebody missed snack time
smtm :
stsp :
Same Time Same Place
stt :
Same time tomorrow
suib :
shut up im busy
svu :
special victims unit
swmt :
Stop Wasting My Time
sydim :
stick your d**k in me
t2b :
time to blunt
tbhimo :
to be honest in my opinion
tfb :
time for bed
tfu2baw :
time for you to buy a watch
tgsttttptct :
thank God someone took the time to put this crap together
tmtoyh :
Too Much Time On Your Hands
ttg :
Time to go
ttihlic :
try to imagine how little i care
ttr :
time to run
tut :
take your time
tyfyt :
Thank you for your time
tym :
tyme :
tyt :
take your time
ukwim :
you know what i mean
unt :
until next time
vip :
very important person
wdim :
What Did I miss
woft :
Waste of f**king time
wombat :
waste of money, brains, and time
wtii :
what time is it
wtiiot :
What time is it over there?
wtwm :
what time are we meeting?
wyauimg :
Why you all up in my grill?
yim :
yahoo instant messenger
ykwim :
you know what I mean

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