Definition & Meaning of "HIMB"

What does Himb mean? View the definition of Himb and all related slang terms containing Himb below:

himb :
He is my boyfriend

Usage of HIMB

The abbreviation 'HIMB' is derived from the phrase 'He is my boyfriend'. It is a shortcut used in texting to express that someone's partner is a male and they are dating. It is commonly used among teenagers and young adults to save time while texting.

Examples of HIMB used in texting:
1. "Hey, did you see Sarah's new profile picture with HIMB?"
2. "I'm going on a date with HIMB tonight, can't wait!"
3. "Hanging out with HIMB and his friends, it's so much fun!"

All of these examples show the use of 'HIMB' in place of saying 'He is my boyfriend' in a texting conversation. The abbreviation is simple, efficient and helps to avoid unnecessary typing.

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "Himb"

Himb :
He is my boyfriend

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