Definition & Meaning of "IMA"

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ima :
I am a

Usage of IMA

The term 'IMA' is an abbreviation commonly used in texting to stand for 'I am a'. It is often used to express one's identity or to make a statement about oneself. 'IMA' is a quick and convenient way to convey a message and also saves time when typing on a mobile device. This abbreviation is especially popular among younger generations and it adds a casual and informal tone to the conversation.

Examples of IMA used in texting:

1. "Hey, IMA hang out with some friends tonight. Wanna join?"
2. "IMA vegetarian, so I don't eat meat."
3. "IMA huge fan of Taylor Swift's music. Are you?"

These examples demonstrate how 'IMA' is commonly used in texting to quickly convey information about oneself, in a casual and informal way, without having to type out the entire phrase of 'I am a'.

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "ima"

ima :
I am a
imao :
in my arrogant opinion
pima :
Pain in my ass

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