Definition & Meaning of "PIMA"

What does pima mean? View the definition of pima and all related slang terms containing pima below:

pima :
Pain in my ass

Usage of PIMA

The abbreviation "PIMA" is used in texting as an abbreviation for "Pain in my ass." This is a humorous way of expressing frustration or annoyance with someone or something that is causing problems or making life difficult. It can be used to refer to a specific person, situation, or task that is causing stress or annoyance.

Examples of PIMA used in texting:
1. "I can't believe my boss just gave me another deadline. He's such a PIMA." (referring to the boss being a pain in the sender's ass)
2. "My ex just texted me asking for another chance. He's been a PIMA ever since we broke up." (referring to the ex being a pain in the sender's ass)
3. "This math homework is taking forever to finish. It's such a PIMA!" (referring to the math assignment being a pain in the sender's ass)

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "pima"

pima :
Pain in my ass

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