Definition & Meaning of "YN"

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yn :
why not

yn means "why not"


Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "yn"

cihyn :
can i have your number
cyntott :
see you next time on Tech Today
dynk :
do you not know
dynm :
do you know me
iwyn :
I want you now
jgiyn :
Just google it you noob
jsyn :
just so you know
myn :
srynd2g :
sorry need to go
ttyn :
talk to you never
ttyna :
talk to you never again
ttynl :
talk to you never loser
ttynw :
talk to you next week
wayn :
Where Are You Now
wyn :
What's your name
syn :
See you never
yn :
why not
yng :
ynk :
you never know
ynm :
yes, no, maybe
ynt :
why not
ynw :
you know what

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