Definition & Meaning of "NIMBY"

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nimby :
not in my backyard

Usage of NIMBY

The term NIMBY stands for 'not in my backyard' and refers to individuals or communities who oppose new development or projects in their area that may cause negative impacts, such as noise pollution, traffic congestion or visual pollution. Nimbyism often arises when residents feel that their quality of life is threatened or their property values could decrease. It is a common phenomenon in urban and suburban areas where there is ongoing growth and development.

Examples of NIMBY used in texting:

1. Friend 1: Did you hear about the new stadium they are building in our neighborhood?
Friend 2: Yeah, but there's so much traffic and noise already, it's a total NIMBY situation.

2. Person 1: I heard they're planning to build a new factory near our town.
Person 2: Not if we can help it. We need to organize and stop this NIMBY project before it destroys our community.

3. Colleague 1: Our boss wants to move the office to the outskirts of town.
Colleague 2: That's a terrible idea! It will cause major inconveniences for all of us. We have to show our nimbyism and fight against this proposal.

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "nimby"

nimby :
not in my backyard

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