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fo :
f**k off

What does fo mean?

fo means "f**k off"

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "fo"

$46 :
money for sex
*4u :
Kiss for you
0day :
software illegally obtained before it was released
2b4u :
too bad for you
2bad4u2 :
too bad for you too
2g2b4g :
To good to be forgotten
2h4u :
too hot for you
2m4u :
too much for you
2o4s :
too old for sex
4 :
42n8 :
4col :
For crying out loud
4e&e :
forever and ever
4eva :
4ever :
4evr :
for ever
4evs :
4fs :
for f**k's sake
4g8 :
4gai :
forget about it
4geit :
forget it
4get :
4getu :
forget you
4give :
4got :
4gv :
4head :
4hoa :
four horsemen of the apocalypse
4lyf3 :
for life
4lyfe :
for life
4m :
4r3al :
for real
4sho :
for sure
4tlog :
for the love of god
4tw :
for the win
4u :
for you
4umb :
For You Maybe
4us :
for us
4ward :
4wd :
4yeo :
For Your Eyes Only
4y :
for you
G4P :
Gay for pay
?4u :
Question for you
a&f :
always and forever
a4u :
all for you
A7X :
Avenged Sevenfold
aatf :
always and totally forever
abend :
absent by enforced net deprivation
afaicr4 :
as far as i can remember for
asarbambtaa :
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asf :
and so forth
av7x :
avenged sevenfold
ayfr :
are you for real
ayrft :
Are you ready for Tomorrow
b.f.f. :
best friend forever
b4 :
b4n :
bye for now
b4u :
before you
b4ug :
before you go
b4ul :
before you Leave
bae :
before anyone else
bamofo :
b***h a** mother f**ker
bb4h :
bros before hoes
bb4n :
Bye-bye for now
bbfn :
Bye Bye for now
bbfu :
be back for you
bdfl :
Benevolent Dictator For Life
be4 :
bf4e :
best friends for ever
bf4eva :
Best Friends forever
bf4l :
best friends for life
bff :
best friend forever
bffa :
best friends for always
bffaa :
Best Friends Forever And Always
bffae :
Best Friends Forever And Ever
bffaw :
best friends for a while
bffe :
Best friends forever
bffeae :
Best Friend For Ever And Ever
bffene :
Best Friends For Ever And Ever
bffl :
best friends for life
bffn :
best friends for now
bfftddup :
best friends forever till death do us part
bfn :
bye for now
bibifn :
bye bye for now
bm4l :
best mates for life
bmfe :
best mates forever
bmfl :
best mates for life
bobfoc :
Body of Baywatch, Face of Crimewatch
btfo :
back the f**k off
c4ashg :
care for a shag
c4y :
cool for you
cfas :
care for a secret?
cfid :
check for identification
cis :
computer information science
ciwwaf :
cute is what we aim for
ctfo :
chill the f**k out
cu46 :
see you for sex
cyff :
change your font, f**ker
db4l :
drinking buddy for life
dbafwtt :
Don't Be A Fool Wrap The Tool
dfo :
dumb f**king operator
dftba :
don't forget to be awesome
dftc :
down for the count
dfw :
down for whatever
e4u2s :
easy for you to say
ebitda :
earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization
ecf :
error carried forward
efffl :
extra friendly friends for life
f&e :
forever and ever
f4eaa :
friends forever and always
f4f :
female for female
f4m :
female for male
faa :
forever and always
faic :
For All I Care
fankle :
area between foot and ankle
fao :
for attention of
fashizzle :
for sure
fcol :
for crying out loud
ffa :
free for all
ffl :
friend for life
ffr :
for future reference
ffs :
for f**k's sake
fft :
food for thought
fgs :
for God's sake
fgssu :
For Gods sake shut up
fifo :
first in, first out
fify :
Fixed It For You
fimh :
forever in my heart
fka :
formerly known as
floabt :
for lack of a better term
fmi :
for my information
fnar :
For No Apparent Reason
fnpr :
for no particular reason
fo :
f**k off
fo shizzle :
for sure
fo sho :
for sure
foa :
f**k off a**h**e
foad :
f**k off and die
foaf :
friend of a friend
foah :
f**k off a**h**e
fob :
fresh off the boat
focl :
Falling Off Chair Laughing.
fofl :
fall on the floor laughing
foia :
freedom of information act
fol :
farting out loud
folo :
fomofo :
f**k off mother f**ker
foms :
fell off my seat
fone :
foo :
foobar :
f**ked up beyond all recognition
foocl :
falls out of chair laughing
fook :
for sheeze :
for sure
fos :
full of s**t
foshizzle :
for sure
fosho :
for sure
foss :
free, open source software
fotcl :
fell off the chair laughing
fotm :
Flavour of the month
fouc :
f**k off you c**t
fov :
Field of View
foyb :
f**k off you b***h
fr :
for real
frgt :
fs :
For Sure
fsho :
for sure
fsr :
for some reason
ftfw :
For the f**king win!
ftfy :
Fixed that for you
ftk :
For the Kill
ftl :
For The Lose
ftlog :
for the love of god
ftlt :
For the last time
ftmfw :
for the mother f**king win
ftmp :
For the most part
ftr :
For The Record
fttp :
for the time being
ftw :
For the win!
fuhget :
fwd :
fwiw :
for what it's worth
fxe :
fya :
for your attention
fye :
For Your Entertainment
fyeo :
For your eyes only
fyfi :
For Your f**king Information
fyi :
for your information
fyk :
for your knowledge
fyl :
For your Love
g2g4aw :
got to go for a while
g4u :
good for you
g4y :
good for you
gbnf :
Gone but not forgotten
gd4u :
Good For You
gfl :
grounded for life
gfm :
God Forgive Me
gfo :
go f**k off
gfy :
good for you
glf :
group looking for
gnfpwlbn :
good news for people who love bad news
gpytfaht :
gladly pay you tuesday for a hamburger today
gtfo :
get the f**k out
gtfoi :
get the f**k over it
gtfon :
Get the f**k out noob
gtfooh :
get the f**k out of here
gtfoomf :
get the f**k out of my face
gtgfn :
got to go for now
hawf :
Husband and Wife forever
hb4b :
hoes before bros
iaspfm :
i am sorry please forgive me
ibtl :
In Before The Lock
ietf :
internet engineering task force
ifwis :
I forgot what I said
ily4e :
i love you forever
ily4ev :
i love you forever
ilyf :
I'll Love You Forever
im26c4u :
I am too sexy for you
imfo :
in my f**king opinion
imnshmfo :
In My Not So Humble Mother f**king Opinion
inb4 :
in before
intpftpotm :
I nominate this post for the post of the month
iwlu4e :
I will love you for ever
j4f :
just for fun
j4g :
just for grins
j4l :
just for laughs
j4u :
just for you
jf :
just fooling
jff :
just for fun
jfg :
just for giggles
jfi :
just forget it
jfj :
jump for joy
jfl :
just for laughs
jfn :
just for now
jfo :
just f**k off
jfr :
Just for reference
jftr :
just for the record
jfu :
just for you
jgtfooh :
just get the f**k out of here
jtfo :
joke the f**k out
kitfo :
knock it the f**k off
ktfo :
knocked the f**k out
l84skool :
late for school
lf :
looking for
lf1m :
Looking for one more
lf2m :
looking for 2 more
lfg :
Looking for group
lfm :
looking for mate
lfnar :
laughing for no aparent reason
lfp :
looking for p***y
lfr :
Laughing for real
lgf :
little green footballs
lifo :
last in first out
lm4aq :
Let's meet for a quickie.
lmffo :
Laughing my f**king face off
lmfo :
laughing my face off
lmfr :
Lets Meet For Real
lmgtfy :
Let me Google that for you
lolf :
lots of love forever
lsfw :
Less Safe For Work
lu4l :
love you for life
4mer :
m4f :
male for female
m4m :
male for male
m84l :
mate for life
mf2f4sx :
meet face to face for sex
mflfs :
married female looking for sex
mmlfs :
married man looking for sex
mofo :
mother f**ker
mtf :
More to Follow
mtfbwu :
may the force be with you
mtfbwy :
May the Force be with you
na4w :
not appropriate for work
nafc :
Not Appropriate for Children
nei :
Not enough information
nfbsk :
not for british school kids
nfr :
not for real
nfs :
not for sale
nifoc :
naked in front of computer
nifok :
naked in front of keyboard
nnfaa :
no need for an apology
np4np :
naked pic for naked pic
nr4u :
not right for you
nsfu :
no sex for you
nsfw :
not safe for work
o4b :
Open for business
oday :
software illegally obtained before it was released
oed :
oxford english dictionary
ofcol :
oh for crying out loud
oftc :
out for the count
oomf :
One of my followers
osifgt :
oh s**t i forgot
p4p :
pic for pic
pfm :
Please forgive me
pfo :
please f**k off
pfos :
parental figure over sholder
pmfji :
Pardon me for jumping in
ppppppp :
Prior Proper Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance
ptfo :
passed the f**k out
q4u :
question for you
qfe :
quoted for emphasis
qfmft :
quoted for motherf**king truth
qft :
quoted for truth
qft&gj :
quoted for truth and great justice
s4se :
Sight For Sore Eyes
sbcg4ap :
strongbads cool game for attractive people
sfao :
sorry for any offense
sftbc :
Sorry for the broad cast
sfw :
safe for work
sfwuz :
safe for work until zoomed
sfy :
speak for yourself
sfyl :
sorry for your loss
sgbadq :
Search google before asking dumb questions
sl4n :
so long for now
smofo :
stupid mother f**ker
sofas :
stepping out for a smoke
ss4l :
smoking sista for life
stfuogtfo :
Shut the f**k up or get the f**k out.
t,ftfy :
there, fixed that for you
t4a :
thanks for asking
t4m :
Transgender for Male
tafn :
That's all for now
tb4u :
too bad for you
tbfu :
too bad for you
tbya :
think before you act
tcfc :
Too Close For Comfort
tcfm :
too cool for me
tdf :
To Die For
te :
Team effort
tf2 :
Team Fortress 2
tfb :
time for bed
tfbundy :
totaly f**ked but unfortunatly not dead yet
tfc :
Team Fortress Classic
tfft :
thank f**k for that
tffw :
Too funny for words
tfl :
Thanks For Looking
tfln :
thanx for last night
tfs :
thanks for sharing
tfta :
thanks for the add
tfti :
thanks for the information
tfu2baw :
time for you to buy a watch
tgfe :
together forever
tgft :
thank god for that
tgfu :
too good for you
tgfuap :
thank god for unanswered prayers
thr4 :
tiafayh :
Thanks in advance for all your help
tmi :
too much information
tmwfi :
Take my word for it
togtfooh :
tits or get the f**k out of here
tt4n :
ta ta for now
ttfn :
ta ta for now
twfaf :
thats what friends are for
tyfi :
Thank You for invite
tyfn :
thank you for nothing
tyfyc :
Thank You For Your Comment
tyfyt :
Thank you for your time
u4i :
up for it
un4rtun8ly :
url :
Uniform Resource Locator
uryyfm :
you are too wise for me
vfm :
value for money
w8t4me :
wait for me
wbagnfarb :
would be a good name for a rock band
wdf :
Worth Dying For
wfhw :
what's for homework
wfm :
Works For Me
wtfo :
what the f**k over
wtfwtf :
what the f**k was that for?
wthauwf :
what the hell are you waiting for
wtmi :
way too much information
wwtf :
what was that for
Wygf :
What You Going For
yrsaf :
You Are Such A Fool

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