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fo :
f**k off


Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "fo"

bamofo :
b***h ass mother f**ker
bobfoc :
Body of Baywatch, Face of Crimewatch
btfo :
back the f**k off
ctfo :
chill the f**k out
dfo :
dumb f**king operator
fifo :
first in, first out
fo :
f**k off
fo shizzle :
for sure
fo sho :
for sure
foa :
f**k off a**h**e
foad :
f**k off and die
foaf :
friend of a friend
foah :
f**k off a**h**e
fob :
fresh off the boat
focl :
Falling Off Chair Laughing.
fofl :
fall on the floor laughing
foia :
freedom of information act
fol :
farting out loud
folo :
fomofo :
f**k off mother f**ker
foms :
fell off my seat
fone :
foo :
foobar :
f**ked up beyond all recognition
foocl :
falls out of chair laughing
fook :
for sheeze :
for sure
fos :
full of s**t
foshizzle :
for sure
fosho :
for sure
foss :
free, open source software
fotcl :
fell off the chair laughing
fotm :
Flavour of the month
fouc :
f**k off you c**t
fov :
Field of View
foyb :
f**k off you b***h
gfo :
go f**k off
gtfo :
get the f**k out
gtfoi :
get the f**k over it
gtfon :
Get the f**k out noob
gtfooh :
get the f**k out of here
gtfoomf :
get the f**k out of my face
imfo :
in my f**king opinion
imnshmfo :
In My Not So Humble Mother f**king Opinion
jfo :
just f**k off
jgtfooh :
just get the f**k out of here
jtfo :
joke the f**k out
kitfo :
knock it the f**k off
ktfo :
knocked the f**k out
lifo :
last in first out
lmffo :
Laughing my f**king face off
lmfo :
laughing my face off
mofo :
mother f**ker
nifoc :
naked in front of computer
nifok :
naked in front of keyboard
pfo :
please f**k off
pfos :
parental figure over sholder
ptfo :
passed the f**k out
smofo :
stupid mother f**ker
stfuogtfo :
Shut the f**k up or get the f**k out.
togtfooh :
tits or get the f**k out of here
wtfo :
what the f**k over

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