Definition & Meaning of "GTFOOH"

What does gtfooh mean? View the definition of gtfooh and all related slang terms containing gtfooh below:

gtfooh :
get the f**k out of here

Usage of GTFOOH

GTFOOH is an abbreviation that stands for "get the f**k out of here". It is a vulgar way to tell someone to leave or to express disbelief in what they are saying. This abbreviation is often used in texting, especially by younger people, who tend to use more informal language in their messages. It can be considered offensive or disrespectful, depending on the context and the relationship between the sender and the receiver.

Example of GTFOOH used in texting:

1. Person 1: "I can't believe you got an A on that test without even studying!"
Person 2: "GTFOOH! You know damn well I studied for hours."

2. Person 1: "I heard there's a party tonight, are you coming?"
Person 2: "No thanks, I don't feel like drinking tonight."
Person 1: "GTFOOH! You never say no to a party."

3. Person 1: "Hey, why did you break up with your ex? They seemed like a nice person."
Person 2: "GTFOOH, they were a manipulative liar who only cared about themselves."

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "gtfooh"

gtfooh :
get the f**k out of here
jgtfooh :
just get the f**k out of here
togtfooh :
tits or get the f**k out of here

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