Definition & Meaning of "FOFL"

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fofl :
fall on the floor laughing

Usage of FOFL

FOFL is an abbreviation used in texting that stands for "fall on the floor laughing." It is a way of expressing that something is incredibly funny or amusing to the point that you become uncontrollably hysterical. This abbreviation is often used in casual and informal conversations over text to convey laughter and amusement.

Example 1:
Person A: Did you hear the one about the cheese that saved the world?
Person B: No, what's that?
Person A: It was a hero on a roll!
Person B: FOFL! That's hilarious.

Example 2:
Person A: Did you see the video I sent you of the dog jumping on the trampoline?
Person B: Yes! FOFL, oh my gosh, that's so funny!

Example 3:
Person A: I just watched a guy slip on a banana peel and do a full split!
Person B: FOFL, I can't even imagine what that would look like!

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "fofl"

fofl :
fall on the floor laughing

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