Definition & Meaning of "FOAD"

What does foad mean? View the definition of foad and all related slang terms containing foad below:

foad :
f**k off and die

Usage of FOAD

The abbreviation FOAD is a vulgar and offensive expression commonly used in informal settings to express extreme anger, frustration or disdain towards someone. The meaning of FOAD is 'f**k Off and Die'. It is a highly confrontational and abusive expression which is best avoided in most social and professional settings. The use of such language is highly inappropriate and disrespectful towards other individuals. It is always better to express your emotions in a more constructive and respectful way.

Examples of FOAD used in texting:

1. "I'm sorry, I cannot tolerate your nonsense anymore. FOAD!" (Example of FOAD used in texting)
2. "You are such a liar! FOAD!" (Example of FOAD used in texting)
3. "I have had enough of your constant whining. FOAD!" (Example of FOAD used in texting)

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "foad"

foad :
f**k off and die

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