Definition & Meaning of "FO SHO"

What does fo sho mean? View the definition of fo sho and all related slang terms containing fo sho below:

fo sho :
for sure

Usage of FO SHO

FO SHO is an abbreviation commonly used in texting that means 'for sure'. It is often used to express certainty or agreement with someone or something.

Example of FO SHO used in texting:
1. Hey, are you coming to the party tonight? - FO SHO, I'll be there.
2. Did you finish your homework? - FO SHO, I did it last night.
3. That new restaurant has great reviews, are you down to try it? - FO SHO, let's go this weekend.

These examples of FO SHO used in texting show how it can be used to quickly and easily express agreement or certainty without the need for a long message. It is a popular abbreviation in informal conversations and is often used by younger generations.

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "fo sho"

fo sho :
for sure

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