Definition & Meaning of "FO SHIZZLE"

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fo shizzle :
for sure


The slang term 'FO SHIZZLE' is a popular way of saying 'for sure' in informal settings. It originated in African American Vernacular English and has since been popularized in hip hop culture and used widely in casual conversation. It's a way of expressing agreement or confirmation with an added sense of enthusiasm or emphasis.

Examples of FO SHIZZLE used in texting:
1. Person 1: "Are we still on for the party tonight?"
Person 2: "FO SHIZZLE! Can't wait to see you there!"
(Example of FO SHIZZLE used to confirm plans and show excitement)

2. Person 1: "Do you think you can finish that project by Friday?"
Person 2: "FO SHIZZLE, I got this."
(Example of FO SHIZZLE used to indicate certainty and confidence)

3. Person 1: "I heard the new album is fire. Are you gonna check it out?"
Person 2: "FO SHIZZLE, already got it queued up."
(Example of FO SHIZZLE used to affirm interest in something and show readiness to engage with it)

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "fo shizzle"

fo shizzle :
for sure

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