Definition & Meaning of "FOLO"

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Usage of FOLO

FOLO is an abbreviation used in texting which means "Follow". It is usually used to request someone to follow a particular action or follow someone's social media account. When someone uses FOLO in a message, they are basically asking for the person on the receiving end to take a course of action or follow through with something. FOLO can also be used in the context of social media, where it is used to encourage someone to follow a particular account or page.

Examples of FOLO used in texting:

1. Hey, I just came across this amazing new restaurant downtown. FOLO me and let's check it out next weekend! (Example of FOLO used as an invitation to join in an activity.)
2. Can you FOLO up with the boss and confirm the details of our meeting tomorrow? (Example of FOLO used as a request to follow through with something.)
3. I just started a new Instagram account, FOLO me @jennys_fashionista for daily style tips and outfit inspiration! (Example of FOLO used as an encouragement to follow someone's social media account.)

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folo :

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