Definition & Meaning of "CTFO"

What does ctfo mean? View the definition of ctfo and all related slang terms containing ctfo below:

ctfo :
chill the f**k out

Usage of CTFO

The abbreviation CTFO is used as a command to tell someone to calm down and relax. It is often used in situations where someone is getting angry, stressed, or upset about something and needs to take a step back to avoid making the situation worse. The phrase 'chill the f**k out' is a crass way to express this sentiment, but the abbreviation allows for a more casual and lighthearted tone when telling someone to relax.

Example of CTFO used in texting:
1. Hey, I know you're excited about the concert tonight, but CTFO, we still have a few hours before it starts.
2. Dude, you're getting way too worked up about this game. Just CTFO, it's not that serious.
3. I can tell you're frustrated, but yelling at me isn't going to help. Take a deep breath and CTFO, we can figure this out together.

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "ctfo"

ctfo :
chill the f**k out

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