Definition & Meaning of "FOA"

What does foa mean? View the definition of foa and all related slang terms containing foa below:

foa :
f**k off a**h**e

Usage of FOA

The abbreviation FOA is an offensive and vulgar way to tell someone to leave or stop bothering you. It stands for "f**k Off a**h**e" and is typically used when someone is being rude, annoying, or disrespectful. It's not a polite way to communicate with someone, and it's important to use it with caution, as it can be very hurtful.

Examples of FOA used in texting:

1. Friend: Hey, can I borrow some money?
You: FOA, I already lent you money last week.

2. Ex-boyfriend: I miss you so much. Can we please get back together?
You: FOA, I'm never going back to you.

3. Annoying co-worker: Can you cover my shift this weekend?
You: FOA, get someone else to do it.

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "foa"

foa :
f**k off a**h**e
foad :
f**k off and die
foaf :
friend of a friend
foah :
f**k off a**h**e

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