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st :
Stop That

What does st mean?

st means "Stop That"

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "st"

2bh :
to be honest
911sc :
emergency let's stop chatting
?4u :
Question for you
a.i.m. :
aol instant messanger
aaaaa :
American Assosciation Against Acronym Abuse
aabf :
as a best friend
admin :
afaiu :
As far as I understand
aim :
AOL instant messanger
aiui :
as I understand it
atb :
all the best
ato :
against the odds
atop :
at time of posting
atq :
answer the question
atst :
At the same time
attotp :
At The Time Of This Post
ayec :
at your earliest convenience
ayl :
are you listening
ayst :
are you still there
b.f.f. :
best friend forever
b/s/l :
bbf :
best boy friend
bbfs :
best boyfriends
bbsts :
be back some time soon
bbwb :
best buddy with boobs
bestie :
best friend
bezzie :
best friend
bf4e :
best friends for ever
bf4eva :
Best Friends forever
bf4l :
best friends for life
bff :
best friend forever
bffa :
best friends for always
bffaa :
Best Friends Forever And Always
bffae :
Best Friends Forever And Ever
bffaw :
best friends for a while
bffe :
Best friends forever
bffeae :
Best Friend For Ever And Ever
bffene :
Best Friends For Ever And Ever
bffl :
best friends for life
bffn :
best friends for now
bfftddup :
best friends forever till death do us part
bfitww :
best friend in the whole world
bisly :
but i still love you
bm4l :
best mates for life
bma :
best mates always
bmfe :
best mates forever
bmfl :
best mates for life
bmttveot :
best mates till the very end of time
bobw :
Best of Both Worlds
bofh :
b*****d operator from hell
brgds :
best regards
bsmfh :
b*****d System Manager From Hell
bsomn :
blowing stuff out my nose
bstfu :
b***h shut the f**k up
bstrd :
bth :
be totally honest
catwot :
complete and total waste of time
cms :
content management system
cmw :
cutting my wrists
cpm :
cost per 1000 impressions
crm :
customer relationship management
cs :
cs:s :
Counter-Strike: Source
csi :
Crime Scene Investigation
csl :
can't stop laughing
css :
cascading style sheets
cwot :
complete waste of time
damhikijk :
Don't Ask Me How I Know - I Just Know
ddos :
Distributed Denial of Service
dfwmt :
Don't f**king waste my time
dgms :
Don't get me started
dhcp :
Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol
dhv :
Demonstration of Higher Value
dnd :
Do Not Disturb
dndp :
Do not double post
dns :
Domain Name System
dta :
Don't Trust Anyone
dwmt :
don't waste my time
dycotfc :
do you cyber on the first chat
ebitda :
earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization
eos :
end of story
eq :
eq2 :
esadyffb :
eat s**t and die you fat f**king b*****d
eta :
Estimated Time of Arrival
evercrack :
fap :
fapping :
faq :
frequently asked question
fcfs :
first come first served
fibijar :
f**k it buddy, I'm just a reserve
fifo :
first in, first out
figjam :
f**k I'm good, just ask me
flamer :
angry poster
fn :
first name
fp :
first post
fps :
First Person Shooter
fse :
Funniest s**t Ever
fsm :
flying spaghetti monster
fst :
ftlt :
For the last time
ftmp :
For the most part
fwp :
first world problems
fyp :
fixed your post
gangsta :
gim :
google instant messanger
gjsu :
god just shut up
glln :
Got Laid Last Night
gmybs :
give me your best shot
gnst :
goodnight sleep tight
gnstdltbbb :
good night sleep tight don't let the bed bugs bite
gsave :
global struggle against violent extremists
gsta :
gwijd :
guess what i just did
gwytose :
go waste your time on someone else
h*r :
homestar runner
hijack :
start an off topic discussion
hlb :
horny little b*****d
hpb :
high ping b*****d
hsr :
homestar runner
hwmbo :
he who must be obeyed
hwmnbn :
he who must not be named
iai :
i am interested
iajsn :
I am just scraping noslang.com
ianars :
I am not a rocket scientist
iatb :
I am the best
iawtp :
I agree with this post
icbyst :
i cant believe you said that
icsrg :
I can still reach Google
iduwym :
I don't understand what you mean.
iebkac :
issue exists between keyboard and chair
ih8mls :
I hate my little sister
ihac :
I have a customer
ihistr :
i hope i spelled that right
ihtgttbwijd :
I have to go to the bathroom, wait I just did.
iistgtbtipi :
If It Sounds Too Good To Be True It Probably Is
iiuc :
if I understand correctly
ijaf :
it's just a fact
ijcomk :
i just came on my keyboard
ijdk :
I just don't know
ijdl :
I just died laughing
ijeomk :
I just ejaculated on my keybord
ijf :
i just farted
ijgl :
I just got laid
ijk :
I'm Just kidding
ijp :
Internet job posting
ijpmp :
I just peed my pants
ijpms :
I just pissed myself
ijr :
i just remembered
ijs :
I'm just saying
ijsabomomcibstg :
I just saved a bunch of money on my car insurance by switching to geico
ilyaas :
I Love You As A Sister
ilylabf :
I love you like a best friend
ilylas :
i love you like a sister
im :
Instant Message
im'd :
instant messaged
imed :
instant messaged
imm :
instant message me
inho :
in my honest opinion
instagib :
instant kill
instakill :
instant kill
intpftpotm :
I nominate this post for the post of the month
iois :
Indicators of Interest
istg :
i swear to god
istr :
I seem to remember
istwfn :
I stole this word from noslang.com
iwjk :
i was just kidding
j-c :
just chilling
j/a :
Just Asking
j/c :
just curious
j/j :
just joking
j/k :
just kidding
j/p :
just playing
j/s :
just saying
j/t :
just talking
j/w :
just wondering
j2bs :
just to be sure
j2c :
just too cute
j2f :
just too funny
j2luk :
just to let you know
j2lyk :
just to let you know
j4f :
just for fun
j4g :
just for grins
j4l :
just for laughs
j4u :
just for you
jalaudlm :
just as long as you don't leave me
jas :
just a second
jbu :
just between us
jc :
just curious
jcam :
just checking away message
jcath :
Just chilling at the house
jdfi :
Just f**king do it
jdi :
just do it
jeomk :
Just ejaculated on my keyboard
jf :
just fooling
jfc :
Jesus f**king Christ
jfdi :
Just f**king Do It!
jff :
just for fun
jfg :
just for giggles
jfgi :
just f**king google it
jfi :
just forget it
jfk :
Just f**king kidding
jfl :
just for laughs
jflts :
just felt like typing something
jfn :
just for now
jfo :
just f**k off
jfr :
Just for reference
jftr :
just for the record
jfu :
just for you
jfwy :
just f**king with you
jg2h :
just go to hell
jgiyn :
Just google it you noob
jgtfooh :
just get the f**k out of here
jh :
Just hanging
jhm :
just hold me
jho :
just hanging out
jic :
just in case
jit :
just in time
jj :
just joking
jj/k :
just joking
jja :
just joking around
jk :
just kidding
jka :
just kidding around
jkl :
just kidding loser
jklol :
Just Kidding Laughing Out Loud
jlma :
just leave me alone
jlt :
just like that
jm :
Just Messing
jma :
just messing around
jml :
just my luck
jmo :
just my opinion
jms :
just making sure
jom :
just one minuite
jooc :
just out of curiosity
jp :
just playing
js :
just saying
jsa :
just stop already
jsing :
just saying
jst :
jsuk :
just so you know
jsun :
Just so you know
jsut :
jsyk :
Just so you know
jsyn :
just so you know
jtay :
just thinking about you
jtbs :
Just To Be Sure
jtluk :
just to let you know
jtlyk :
just to let you know
jtoi :
just thought of it
jtol :
just thinking out loud
jttsiowctw :
just testing to see if other websites copy this word
jtty :
just to tell you
jtumltk :
just thought you might like to know
jtwii :
just the way it is.
jtwiw :
just the way it was.
jtyltk :
just thought you'd like to know
jtysk :
just thought you should know
jumping the couch :
acting strange
jus :
juss :
juz :
juzt :
jw :
just wondering
jw2k :
just wanted to know
jwas :
just wait a second
jwing :
just wondering
jwtlyk :
Just wanted to let you know
ks :
kill steal
l2m :
listening to music
lafs :
love at first sight
lasb :
Lame a** Stupid b***h
lbh :
let's be honest
lcsnpc :
low cost small notebook personal computer
ldr :
Long-distance relationship
lifo :
last in first out
lmaowtntpm :
laughing my a** off whilst trying not to piss myself
ln :
last name
lollercaust :
an extreme event of hilarity
lollercoaster :
laugh out loud (a lot)
lolngs :
laghing out loud never gonna stop
lolocost :
laugh out loud
lpb :
low ping b*****d
lrt :
last retweet
ltm :
listen to me
lulas :
Love You Like a Sister
lwn :
last week's news
lylas :
I love you like a sister
lylasa :
love you like a sister always
masterb8 :
mastrb8 :
mbf :
my best friend
mbfal :
my best friend and lover
mcse :
Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer
mpbis :
most popular boy in school
mpgis :
most popular girl in school
mrau :
message received and understood
msibo :
my side is busting open
msm :
main stream media
mstrb8r :
msv :
Microsoft Vista
n2mhjc :
not too much here just chillin
nes :
Nintendo Entertainment System
nmjb :
nothing much just bored
nmjc :
not much, just chillin'
nmjch :
Nothing Much Just Chilling
nmjcu :
nothing much, just chilling, you?
nmjdhw :
nothing much just doing homework
nmjfa :
nothing much, just f**king around
nntst :
no need to say thanks
noaa :
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
nqa :
no questions asked
nsa :
No Strings Attached
nsas :
No Strings Attached Sex
nsfmf :
not so fast my friend
nst :
no school today
nstaafl :
No Such Thing As a Free Lunch
ntstt :
not safe to talk
o.p. :
Original Poster
obo :
or best offer
og :
original gangster
ojsu :
Oh, just shut up!
omfsm :
Oh My Flying Spaghetti Monster
omgykkyb :
oh my god you killed kenny you b*****ds
os :
operating system
osbutctt :
only sad b*****ds use this crappy text talk
pebcak :
Problem Exists Between Chair and Keyboard
pebkac :
problem exists between keyboard and chair
pebmac :
Problem Exist Between monitor and chair
phat :
pretty hot and tasty
plars :
party like a rock star
poi :
point of interest
ppor :
post proof or recant
ps1 :
Play Station 1
ps2 :
Play Station 2
ps3 :
Play Station 3
psbms :
parent standing by my side
psn :
playstation netwok
psos :
parent standing over sholder
psp :
playstation portable
pst :
please send tell
q4u :
question for you
qft&gj :
quoted for truth and great justice
qna :
question and answer
qotsa :
queens of the stone age
qpwd :
quit posting while drunk
r.i.p :
Rest in peace
r.i.p. :
rest in peace
r8pist :
roflastc :
Rolling On Floor Laughing And Scaring The Cat
roflolbag :
Rolling On The Floor Laughing Out Loud Busting A Gut
roi :
Return On Investment
roids :
rotflmaostc :
rolling on the floor laughing my a** off scaring the cat
rotw :
rest of the world
rr :
rest room
rrb :
restroom break
rtbq :
Read The Blinking Question
rtfms :
Read The f**king Manual Stupid
rtfp :
read the f**king post
rtfq :
Read The f**king Question
rts :
Real-time strategy
s.i.n.g.l.e :
Stay intoxicated nightly, get laid everyday.
s.i.t. :
stay in touch
safm :
stay away from me
sahm :
stay at home mom
sase :
self addressed stamped envelope
sbcg4ap :
strongbads cool game for attractive people
sblai :
stop babbaling like an idiot
scnr :
sorry, I couldn't resist
sfam :
Sister from another mother
sfs :
so f**king stupid
sftbc :
Sorry for the broad cast
sgb :
sgbadq :
Search google before asking dumb questions
sgi :
Still got it
siao :
school is almost over
silf :
Sister I'd Like To f**k
sis :
sista :
sitd :
Still in the dark
slgb :
smf :
stupid motherf**ker
smfpos :
stupid mother f**king piece of s**t
smhid :
shaking my head in disgust
smofo :
stupid mother f**ker
smst :
somebody missed snack time
smto :
Sticking My Tongue Out
smtoay :
Sticking my tongue out at you
snes :
Super Nintendo Entertainment System
soad :
system of a down
sofas :
stepping out for a smoke
soi :
service oriented infrastructure
soml :
story of my life
sorg :
Straight or Gay
sotc :
stupid off topic crap
sow :
statement of work
spos :
stupid peace of s**t
sroucks :
that's cool, but it still sucks
ss4l :
smoking sista for life
ssob :
stupid sons of b***hes
st :
Stop That
st1 :
st8 :
stb :
soon to be
stbm :
sucks to be me
stbx :
soon to be ex
stby :
sucks to be you
std :
sexually transmitted disease
steamloller :
Laughing. Alot.
stfd :
sit the f**k down
stff :
stfm :
search the f**king manual
stfng :
search the f**king news group
stfu :
shut the f**k up
stfua :
shut the f**k up already
stfuah :
shut the f**k up a**h**e
stfub :
shut the f**k up b***h
stfuda :
Shut the f**k up dumb a**
stfugbtw :
shut the f**k up and get back to work
stfun :
Shut the f**k up n****r
stfuogtfo :
Shut the f**k up or get the f**k out.
stfuppercut :
shut the f**k up
stfuyb :
shut the f**k up you b***h
stfuysoab :
shut the f**k up you son of a b***h
stfw :
search the f**king web
stg :
swear to god
sth :
sthing :
sthu :
shut the hell up
stm :
smiling to myself
stoopid :
stpd :
str8 :
str8up :
straight up
sts :
so to speak
stsp :
Same Time Same Place
stt :
Same time tomorrow
stufu :
stupid f**ker
stupd :
stw :
share the wealth
stys :
speak to you soon
susfu :
situation unchanged, still f**ked up
swmbo :
she who must be obeyed
swmt :
Stop Wasting My Time
sxe :
straight edge
sydim :
stick your d**k in me
sysop :
system operator
t8st :
tanstaafl :
there ain't no such thing as a free lunch
tbfh :
to be f**king honest
tbh :
to be honest
tbhimo :
to be honest in my opinion
tbhwu :
To be honest with you
tbpfh :
To be perfectly f**king honest
tbph :
To be perfectly honest
tbqh :
to be quite honest
tbtfh :
to be totally freaking honest
tbvh :
to be very honest
tfd :
total f**king disaster
tfln :
thanx for last night
tgfitw :
The Greatest Fans In The World
tgiwjo :
Thank God It Was Just Once
tgsttttptct :
thank God someone took the time to put this crap together
tinstaafl :
There Is No Such Thing As A Free Lunch
tisly :
that is so last year
tjb :
thats just boring
tlgo :
The list goes on
tmsaisti :
That's my story and I'm sticking to it.
tn1 :
trust no-one
tpiwwp :
this post is worthless without pictures
tps :
test procedure specification
troll :
person who diliberately stirs up trouble
tstoac :
too stupid to own a computer
ttbomk :
to the best o fmy knowledge
ttyab :
Talk to you after breakfast
twvsoy :
that was very stupid of you
tyclos :
turn your CAPS LOCK off, stupid
typo :
typing mistake
uaaaa :
Universal Association Against Acronym Abuse
uat :
User Acceptance Testing
ujds :
u just did s**t
urstpid :
you are stupid
urstu :
you are stupid
urtb :
you are the best
urtbitw :
You are the best in the world!
urtw :
you are the worst
usd :
United States Dollar
ussr :
The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics
vrsty :
walstib :
what a long strange trip it's been
wanker :
wanking :
wansta :
wanna be ganster
waysttm :
why are you still talking to me
wmd :
Weapons Of Ma** Destruction
wmts :
we must talk soon
woft :
Waste of f**king time
wogs :
waste of good sperm
wombat :
waste of money, brains, and time
wos :
Waste of space
wpe :
worst president ever (Bush)
wtly :
Welcome to last year
wwe :
World Wrestling Entertainment
wyas :
wow you are stupid
wyatb :
wish you all the best
wys :
wow you're stupid
xmas :
xoac :
Christ on a crutch
xtc :
yas :
you are stupid
yatb :
you are the best
yatwl :
you are the weakest link
yfb :
you f**king b*****d
yhl :
you have lost
yim :
yahoo instant messenger
ymbg :
you must be guessing
ymbkm :
you must be kidding me
ymfp :
Your Most Favorite Person
ysf :
you stupid f**k
yss :
you stupid s**t
yust :
why you say that

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