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instagib :
instant kill


The term 'INSTAGIB' is an abbreviation for 'instant kill.' It is commonly used in video games where one shot is enough to eliminate an opponent. The term can also be used in other contexts where something happens suddenly and unexpectedly, resulting in swift and decisive action.

Example 1 (Gaming context)
Person A: I just got instagibbed by that sniper!
Person B: Ouch! Keep your head down next time.

Example 2 (Everyday context)
Person A: Did you hear about that car accident on the highway?
Person B: No, what happened?
Person A: A truck lost control and instagibbed a few cars on its way.
Person B: That's so scary!

Example 3 (Casual gaming context)
Person A: Hey, want to play some INSTAGIB battles in Unreal Tournament?
Person B: Sure, I haven't played that in ages. Let's do it!

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instagib :
instant kill

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