Definition & Meaning of "IHISTR"

What does ihistr mean? View the definition of ihistr and all related slang terms containing ihistr below:

ihistr :
i hope i spelled that right

Usage of IHISTR

The abbreviation "IHISTR" is commonly used in texting and stands for "I hope I spelled that right." It's used when someone is unsure if they spelled a word correctly and wants to convey that they hope they didn't make a mistake. This abbreviation can be a handy way to save time and effort while communicating with others in a casual setting where perfect spelling is not a top priority.

Examples of IHISTR used in texting:
1. Text Message: "I'm excited to try that new restaurant downtown, but their name is a bit hard to spell. Going to try it anyway! IHISTR."
2. Text Message: "I just sent an email to my boss with a big word in it. IHISTR, but I think I got it right."
3. Text Message: "I love connecting with people online, but sometimes I worry about typos. IHISTR when I reply to messages from new people."

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "ihistr"

ihistr :
i hope i spelled that right

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