Definition & Meaning of "INSTAKILL"

What does instakill mean? View the definition of instakill and all related slang terms containing instakill below:

instakill :
instant kill


The term INSTAKILL is an abbreviation for instant kill and is often used in video games and other contexts where a player can instantly eliminate an opponent or obstacle without any chance of survival or recovery. This term can also be used in everyday life to describe situations where something is so dominant or destructive that it overwhelms its target completely.

Example of INSTAKILL used in texting:

1) "That last game was insane, that boss battle was an INSTAKILL!"
2) "I need to find a new weapon, I keep getting instakilled by the enemy team."
3) "Her comeback was an INSTAKILL, I had no chance against her argument."

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "instakill"

instakill :
instant kill

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