Definition & Meaning of "BBSTS"

What does bbsts mean? View the definition of bbsts and all related slang terms containing bbsts below:

bbsts :
be back some time soon

Usage of BBSTS

The abbreviation BBSTS is a shorthand for the phrase 'be back some time soon'. It is a casual and informal way of letting someone know that you will return at some point but are unsure of when that will be. This abbreviation can be especially useful when texting friends or colleagues who may need to know your whereabouts.

Examples of BBSTS used in texting:

1. Hey, sorry to cut our conversation short, something's come up. I'll BBSTS though!
2. Can't wait to catch up with you guys later! I have to run some errands but I'll BBSTS.
3. Hey boss, I'm taking a quick break for lunch. I'll BBSTS in an hour to resume working on those reports.

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "bbsts"

bbsts :
be back some time soon

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