Definition & Meaning of "ISTG"

What does istg mean? View the definition of istg and all related slang terms containing istg below:

istg :
i swear to god

Usage of ISTG

The abbreviation ISTG stands for "I swear to God". It is often used in text messages and social media to express a strong or sincere affirmation. It can also be used to emphasize the truthfulness of a statement or promise. This abbreviation is a way of adding emphasis or urgency to a statement or message.

Example of ISTG used in texting:
1. Example 1: ISTG, I did not cheat on that test. I studied hard all night.
2. Example 2: ISTG, this is the best pizza I've ever had in my life.
3. Example 3: ISTG, if you don't come to my party, you'll be missing out on an epic night.

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "istg"

iistgtbtipi :
If It Sounds Too Good To Be True It Probably Is
istg :
i swear to god

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