Definition & Meaning of "ROFLASTC"

What does roflastc mean? View the definition of roflastc and all related slang terms containing roflastc below:

roflastc :
Rolling On Floor Laughing And Scaring The Cat


The abbreviation ROFLASTC stands for 'Rolling On Floor Laughing And Scaring The Cat'. It is a humorous way of expressing intense laughter. The addition of scaring the cat adds an element of mischief to the phrase, indicating that the laughter is so loud and boisterous that it may startle nearby animals. This abbreviation is commonly used in texting and online conversations.

Example of ROFLASTC used in texting:
1. "OMG, did you see that video of the cat chasing its tail? ROFLASTC"
2. "I just remembered that embarrassing thing I did in middle school. ROFLASTC"
3. "My friend told me the funniest joke and I couldn't stop ROFLASTC for 10 minutes straight!"

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "roflastc"

roflastc :
Rolling On Floor Laughing And Scaring The Cat

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