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Usage of T8ST

The word T8ST is an abbreviated form of the word 'taste'. It is often used in texting to convey the idea of checking or sampling something to see if it is good. For instance, people may use it to refer to a new dish they are trying out at a restaurant or a new wine they just opened. It can also be used more generally to refer to taking a quick look or checking something out to see if it's worth further investigation.

Example of T8ST used in texting:

1. "Hey, have you had a chance to T8ST the pizza at that new place down the street?" (Asking if someone has tried the pizza and if it's good)
2. "I don't know if I want to buy this dress. Can you come over and help me T8ST it out?" (Asking for someone's opinion on whether or not they would look good in the dress)
3. "I'm going to T8ST out this new coffee shop tomorrow. Want to join me?" (Inviting someone to try out a new coffee shop with them)

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t8st :

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