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Usage of R8PIST

The abbreviation R8PIST is a shorthand way to spell 'rapist' in texting or online communication. This is a very serious and disturbing term that refers to someone who commits the horrible act of rape. Unfortunately, sexual assault is a prevalent issue in our society, and it is important that we take the language we use seriously and understand the negative impact it can have on survivors.

Examples of R8PIST used in texting:
1. "I can't believe that guy got away with being an R8PIST. It's disgusting." (Example of R8PIST used in texting to express disgust towards an alleged rapist)
2. "My friend was a victim of an R8PIST, and it has completely changed her life." (Example of R8PIST used in texting to describe a friend who has been sexually assaulted)
3. "I refuse to support any artist who has been accused of being an R8PIST. It's not worth it." (Example of R8PIST used in texting to express a person's stance on supporting alleged rapists)

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r8pist :

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