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Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "wa"

4ward :
anywaz :
bwpwap :
back when Pluto was a planet
ciwwaf :
cute is what we aim for
dwai :
don't worry about it
iluwamh :
i love you with all my heart
ilywamh :
I love you with all my heart
iwaa :
It was an accident
jwas :
just wait a second
lmbfwao :
laughing my big fat white ass off
mwah :
newais :
neway :
neways :
newayz :
nowai :
No way
oways :
oh wow are you serious
smithwaws :
Smack me in the head with a wooden spoon
swafk :
sealed with a friendly kiss
swak :
sealed with a kiss
swakaah :
Sealed With A Kiss And A Hug
swalk :
sealed with a loving kiss
teotwawki :
the end of the world as we know it
twajs :
That was a joke, son.
twat :
tws2wa :
That was so 2 weeks ago
wab :
what a b***h
wad :
without a doubt
wad ^ :
what's up?
wadr :
with all due respect
wadzup :
What's up?
waf :
weird as f**k
wafda :
What a f**king Dumb Ass
wafl :
what a f**king loser
wafm :
wait a f**king minute
wafn :
what a f**ken noob
wai :
what an idiot
waiotc :
why am I on this chat
waloc :
what a load of crap
walstib :
what a long strange trip it's been
wam :
wait a minute
wamh :
with all my heart
wan2tlk :
Want to talk
wana :
want to
wanafuk :
wanna f**k
wanker :
wanking :
wanna :
want to
wansta :
wanna be ganster
wap :
wet ass p***y
warez :
illegally obtained software
wassup :
what's up?
wasup :
What's Up
was^ :
What's Up
wat :
wat's^ :
Whats Up
watcha :
what are you
watev :
wateva :
watevr :
watevs :
watp :
We Are The People
wats :
wats ^ :
whats up
wats^ :
what's up?
watz ^ :
What's up
wau :
what about you
Waud :
What are you doing
Waudrn :
What are you doing right now
waug :
Where are you going
wauw :
what are you wearing
wau^2 :
what are you up to?
waw :
what a w***e
waycb :
when are you coming back
wayd :
what are you doing
waydt :
What are you doing tonight
waygow :
who are you going out with
wayh :
why are you here
wayn :
Where Are You Now
waysttm :
why are you still talking to me
waysw :
Why are you so weird
wayt :
What are you thinking?
wayta :
what are you talking about
wayut :
what are you up to
waz :
what is
waz ^ :
what's up
wazz :
wazza :
what's up
wazzup :
what's up
waz^ :
what's up?
ywapom :
you want a piece of me?

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