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ic :
I see

What does ic mean?

ic means "I see"

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "ic"

301ing :
referring traffic to another site
5o :
6flx :
X-Rated movie (sex flick)
a/s/l/p :
aaaaa :
American Assosciation Against Acronym Abuse
aak :
Alive and Kicking
adhd :
Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
afaic :
as far as I'm concerned
afaicr :
As Far As I Can Remember
afaicr4 :
as far as i can remember for
afaics :
as far as I can see
afaict :
as far as I can tell
ai :
Artificial Intelligence
aicmfp :
and I claim my five pounds
aiic :
as if I care
amiic :
ask me if i care
api :
application program interface
app :
aqap :
as quick as possible
ase :
age, sex, ethnicity
asic :
application specific integrated circuit
aslop :
Age Sex Location Orientation Picture
aslp :
age, sex, location, picture
aslrp :
age, sex, location, race, picture
aup :
acceptable use policy
awsic :
and why should i care
baggkyko :
be a good girl, keep your knickers on
bbq :
be back quick
bdfl :
Benevolent Dictator For Life
bicbw :
but I could be wrong
bich :
bnol :
be nice or leave
bohic :
Bend over here it comes
bohica :
bend over, here it comes again
bwim :
by which i mean
c14n :
cfid :
check for identification
chik :
chronic :
cmplcdd :
ctt :
change the topic
cuic :
see you in cla**
Icydci :
In case you didn't catch it
d1ck :
dctnry :
ddos :
Distributed Denial of Service
dh :
dhcp :
Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol
dic :
do i care
dick :
dih :
d**k in hand
dikhed :
dillic :
Do I look like I care
dnrta :
did not read the article
dnrtfa :
did not read the f**king article
dos :
denial of service
dp :
display picture
dttpou :
Don't tell the police on us
dupe :
dygtp :
did you get the picture
e-ok :
Electronically OK
eabod :
eat a bag of dicks
ead :
eat a d**k
eula :
end user license agreement
faic :
For All I Care
fiic :
f**ked If I Care
flicks :
fmq :
f**k me quick
fnpr :
for no particular reason
fta :
From The Article
ftfa :
From The f**king Article
fubohic :
f**k you Bend over here it comes
fudh :
f**k you d**k head
gaoep :
generally accepted office etiquette principles
gcf :
Google Click Fraud
gfx :
gosad :
go suck a d**k
grfx :
gsad :
go suck a d**k
gtgtpirio :
got to go the price is right is on
gui :
graphical user interface
hakas :
have a kick a** summer
hbic :
head b***h in charge
hijack :
start an off topic discussion
hmfic :
head mother f**ker in charge
hnic :
head n****r in charge
ic :
I see
icb :
I can't believe
icbi :
i can't believe it
icbiwoop :
I chuckled, but it was out of pity.
icbt :
i can't believe that
icbu :
I can't believe you
icbyst :
i cant believe you said that
iccl :
I could care less
icgup :
I can give you pleasure
icic :
I See. I See
icp :
insane clown posse
icr :
I can't rememer
icsrg :
I can still reach Google
ictrn :
I can't talk right now
icty :
i can't tell you
icu :
i see you
icudk :
in case you didn't know
icup :
i see you pee
icw :
I care why?
icwudt :
I see what you did there
icwum :
I see what you mean
icydk :
in csae you didn't know
icydn :
in case you didn't know
icymi :
in case you missed it
idop :
it depends on price
igkymfa :
I'm gonna kick your mother f**king a**
igtkya :
im going to kick your a**
ijsabomomcibstg :
I just saved a bunch of money on my car insurance by switching to geico
ikic :
I know I can
ilbbaicnl :
I like big butts and I can not lie
imcdo :
in my conceited dogmatic opinion
iois :
Indicators of Interest
isd :
internet slang dictionary
isp :
internet service provider
iwc :
In Which Case
iydhantsdsaaa :
If you don't have anything nice to say don't say anything at all
jic :
just in case
jooce :
ka :
Kick a**
kaw :
kick a** work
kfc :
kentucky fried chicken
khitbash :
kick her in the box and shove her
kic :
keep it clean
kicks :
kmao :
kick my a** off
kotd :
kicks of the day
kotor :
Knights of the old republic
kwik :
kyko :
keep your knickers on
l2m :
listening to music
lic :
like i care
lm4aq :
Let's meet for a quickie.
lmb :
lick my balls
lmd :
Lick My d**k
lmp :
lick my p***y
lshic :
laughing so hard i'm crying
m$ :
m$wxp :
Microsoft Windows XP
maga :
make America great again
mcse :
Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer
mic :
miq :
make it quick
msie :
microsoft's internet explorer
msv :
Microsoft Vista
musiq :
muzik :
n/a :
not applicable
n/n :
n1 :
nice one
n199312 :
african american
n1994 :
african american
n2bb :
nice to be back
na :
not applicable
nafta :
North American Free Trade Agreement
ncaa :
National Collegiate Athletic Association
ng :
nice game
nh :
nice hand
nic :
Network Interface Card
nip :
nothing in particular
nj :
Nice job
njp :
nice job partner
nld :
nice lay down
noaa :
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
noodz :
nude pictures
knickers off ready when I come home
np4np :
naked pic for naked pic
npnt :
no picture, no talk
ns :
nt :
nice try
ntmu :
nice to meet you
ntmy :
nice to meet you
ntty :
nice talking to you
oed :
oxford english dictionary
oftpc :
off topic
ohic :
oh I see
oic :
oh, I see
oicic :
oh i see i see
oicu :
oh, i see you!
oicwydt :
oh, i see what you did there
oj :
orange juice
omgicfbi :
Oh my god I can't f**king believe it
ooo :
out of the office
ot :
off topic
p4p :
pic for pic
patd :
Panic At The Disco
pda :
public display of affection
pdq :
pretty d**n quick
pic :
piccies :
pics :
pix :
po po :
poidnh :
Pics or it did not happen
popo :
poq :
Piss Off Quick
pots :
Plain Old Telephone Service
psa :
Public Service Announcement
pydim :
put your d**k in me
q2c :
quick to c**
qft&gj :
quoted for truth and great justice
qpr :
quite pathetic really
rcsa :
right click save as
ricl :
rolling in chair laughing
rino :
republican in name only
roflkmd :
rolling on the floor laughing kicking my dog
rq :
real quick
rta :
read the article
rtfa :
read the f**king article
rwb :
Rich White b***h
psl :
Pumpkin Spice Latte
s.i.n.g.l.e :
Stay intoxicated nightly, get laid everyday.
sd :
suck d**k
sexilicious :
Very Sexy
sic :
said in context
sicl :
sitting in chair laughing
smbd :
suck my big d**k
smd :
suck my d**k
smdb :
suck my d**k b***h
smdvq :
suck my d**k quickly
smfd :
suck my f**king d**k
smto :
Sticking My Tongue Out
smtoay :
Sticking my tongue out at you
soa :
service oriented architecture
soe :
service oriented enterprise
soi :
service oriented infrastructure
sotc :
stupid off topic crap
sqtm :
snickering quietly to myself
srvis :
svu :
special victims unit
sydim :
stick your d**k in me
tchbo :
Topic creater has been owned
tfa :
the f**king article
tfc :
Team Fortress Classic
tfic :
Tongue Firmly In Cheek
tiic :
the idiots in control
tinla :
this is not legal advice
tix :
tma :
take my advice
tmsaisti :
That's my story and I'm sticking to it.
tos :
terms of service
tpiwwp :
this post is worthless without pictures
tps :
test procedure specification
ttihlic :
try to imagine how little i care
ttiuwiop :
this thread is useless without pics
ttiuwop :
this thread is useless without pics
ttiuwp :
This Thread Is Useless Without Pictures
ttiwwop :
This thread is worthless without pics
ttiwwp :
this thread is worthless without pics
twi :
Texting While Intoxicated
uctaodnt :
you can't teach an old dog new tricks
ufia :
unsolicited finger in the anus
Unsolicited Finger in Chili
upcia :
unsolicited pool cue in anus
upia :
unsolicited pencil in anus
ussr :
The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics
vb :
visual basic
vn :
very nice
vnh :
Very nice hand
voip :
voice over ip
vweg :
very wicked evil grin
weg :
wicked evil grin
wg :
wicked gril
wkd :
wmytic :
What makes you think I care
woa :
word of advice
wrm :
which reminds me
wttp :
want to trade pictures?
xyzpdq :
Examine Your Zipper Pretty Darn Quick
ygrr :
you got rick rolled
yolt :
you only live twice
ysic :
why should I care
ywic :
why would i care

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