Definition & Meaning of "THICC"

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Usage of THICC

THICC is a slang abbreviation used to describe someone or something that is curvaceous and/or voluptuous. It is typically used to describe a person's body, particularly when referring to a woman's figure. The word is often associated with having large hips, thighs, and buttocks. THICC can also be used to describe objects, such as a book or phone, that are bulky or oversized.

Examples of THICC used in texting:

1. "Did you see Sarah's new dress? She's looking THICC today!" - This message is a compliment to Sarah's curvy figure.
2. "I need to hit the gym, I've been getting a little too THICC lately." - This message is acknowledging that the sender has gained weight and needs to exercise.
3. "Just ordered a THICC pizza for dinner tonight, can't wait!" - This message is describing the thickness of the pizza and creating anticipation for the meal.

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thicc :

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