Definition & Meaning of "BOHIC"

What does bohic mean? View the definition of bohic and all related slang terms containing bohic below:

bohic :
Bend over here it comes

Usage of BOHIC

The abbreviation BOHIC is a vulgar or crude term that is often used to warn someone that something unpleasant or undesirable is about to happen or occur. It can also be used as a sarcastic remark to indicate that someone is about to experience the negative consequences of their actions, or as a way to express disapproval or dissatisfaction with a situation.

Examples of BOHIC used in texting:

1. "Omg, I just got my exam results back and they're an absolute disaster. BOHIC"
2. "Looks like I'm gonna have to work overtime this week. BOHIC"
3. "I forgot my wallet at home and now I'm stuck paying for dinner. BOHIC"

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "bohic"

bohic :
Bend over here it comes
bohica :
bend over, here it comes again
fubohic :
f**k you Bend over here it comes

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