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bich :

Usage of BICH

The abbreviation 'BICH' is a slang term derived from the derogatory term 'b***h', which is often used to refer to a woman in a negative context. It is considered offensive and disrespectful by many people and should be avoided in polite company. However, it is sometimes used playfully among friends or in certain online communities where people are more likely to use informal language.

Examples of BICH used in texting:
1. Hey BICH, what's up? (Example of BICH used as a playful greeting among friends)
2. I can't believe that BICH stole my idea! (Example of BICH used as an insult to convey anger or frustration)
3. Sorry for being a lazy BICH, I'll get back to work now. (Example of BICH used as a self-deprecating joke)

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bich :

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