Definition & Meaning of "ICIC"

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icic :
I See. I See

Usage of ICIC

ICIC is an abbreviation that stands for "I See. I See". This is a short and informal way to say that you understand what someone is saying or that you acknowledge their message. It can be used in any situation where you want to let someone know that you have received their message or that you are paying attention to what they are saying. It's a common phrase used in texting and online communication where brevity is often valued over lengthy exchanges.

Examples of ICIC used in texting:

1. Friend: "Hey, did you finish your homework?"
You: "ICIC, I just need to do the last question."

2. Parent: "Don't forget to pick up some milk on your way home."
You: "ICIC, I'll grab some from the store."

3. Colleague: "Let's meet at 2 pm for the meeting."
You: "ICIC, see you then!"

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "icic"

icic :
I See. I See
oicic :
oh i see i see

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