Definition & Meaning of "DILLIC"

What does dillic mean? View the definition of dillic and all related slang terms containing dillic below:

dillic :
Do I look like I care

Usage of DILLIC

The abbreviation DILLIC represents the phrase 'Do I look like I care'. When someone uses DILLIC, they are showing a lack of interest or concern in what has been said to them or about a certain situation. It is often used in a sarcastic and dismissive tone to show that the person is not affected by the matter at hand.

Examples of DILLIC used in texting:

1. Friend: "I can't believe you forgot my birthday"
Me: "DILLIC, it's just a birthday"

2. Boss: "We need you to work overtime again tonight"
Me: "DILLIC, I have other plans"

3. Ex: "I miss you so much, can we get back together?"
Me: "DILLIC, I've moved on and I'm happy now"

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "dillic"

dillic :
Do I look like I care

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