Definition & Meaning of "ASIC"

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asic :
application specific integrated circuit

Usage of ASIC

An application specific integrated circuit (ASIC) is an electronic chip designed for a specific purpose or application. Unlike general-purpose integrated circuits (ICs), ASICs are customized for a particular task or product, which makes them more efficient and cost-effective. ASICs can be found in a range of devices such as smartphones, cars, medical equipment, and gaming consoles. They are programmed to perform a single function or a set of functions optimized for a particular application.

Examples of ASIC used in texting:
1. Hey, did you hear about the new ASIC chips that are going to power the next-generation smartphones?
2. The healthcare company is developing an ASIC-based device for remote patient monitoring.
3. I just read an article about how ASICs are revolutionizing the way we mine cryptocurrencies.

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "asic"

asic :
application specific integrated circuit

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