Definition & Meaning of "TS"

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ts :
talking s**t

Usage of TS

The abbreviation TS is commonly used in texting to refer to the act of 'talking s**t'. This phrase is often used when someone is talking negatively or making false statements about someone else. When someone accuses another person of "tsing", they are essentially accusing them of being dishonest or spreading rumors.

Examples of TS used in texting:

1. Friend 1: "Did you hear what Sarah was saying about you behind your back?"
Friend 2: "No, what was she saying?"
Friend 1: "She was tsing about how you're always late and unreliable."

2. Person A: "I can't believe John said that about me to his friends."
Person B: "What did he say?"
Person A: "He was tsing about how I never do any work and just skate by."

3. Text message from a group chat:
Person 1: "Hey, did you guys see the post that Emily made on Instagram?"
Person 2: "No, what did she say?"
Person 1: "She was tsing about how our group never includes her in anything."

Examples of TS used in texting.

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "ts"

atst :
At the same time
bbsts :
be back some time soon
brbts :
be right back taking s**t
btdtgtts :
Been there, done that, got the T-shirt
bts :
be there soon
btsoom :
Beats The s**t Out Of Me
butsecks :
butt sex
congrats :
cts :
change the subject
dats :
deets :
dts :
Don't think so
fts :
f**k that s**t
ftsio :
f**k this s**t I'm out
grats :
gts :
going to school
gtsy :
good to see you
Hope To See You Again
idfts :
I don't f**king think so
idkwts :
I don't know what to say
idrts :
I don't really think so
idts :
i don't think so
ihtsm :
i hate this so much
imts :
I meant to say
iydhantsdsaaa :
If you don't have anything nice to say don't say anything at all
jflts :
just felt like typing something
Jts :
Just to say
jttsiowctw :
just testing to see if other websites copy this word
kots :
keep on talking s**t
kwtsds :
Kiss where the sun don't shine
lqts :
laughing quietly to self
meatspace :
the real world
nntst :
no need to say thanks
nts :
note to self
ntstt :
not safe to talk
omwts :
on my way to school
ots :
over the shoulder
parnts :
poets :
piss off early, tomorrow's Saturday
pots :
Plain Old Telephone Service
qotsa :
queens of the stone age
rents :
roflmaouts :
Rolling on floor laughing my f**king ass off unable to speak
rts :
Real-time strategy
Shake My Head Side To Side
sploits :
sts :
so to speak
stsp :
Same Time Same Place
Tsm :
Thanks so much
ts :
talking s**t
tsc :
that's so cool
tsff :
thats so f**kin funny
tsig :
that site is gay
tsl :
The single life
tsnf :
that's so not fair
This s**t right here
tss :
That's so sweet
tstoac :
too stupid to own a computer
tswc :
tell someone who cares
tts :
text to speech
wats :
wats ^ :
whats up
wats^ :
what's up?
whats ^ :
whats up
wmts :
we must talk soon
wtfits :
what the f**k is this s**t
wts :
want to sell
wuts :
what is
wybts :
were you born this sexy
ycmtsu :
You Can't Make This s**t Up
ygtsr :
you got that s**t right

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