Definition & Meaning of "TSNF"

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tsnf :
that's so not fair

Usage of TSNF

The abbreviation TSNF is commonly used in texting to express frustration or disappointment when something is perceived as unjust or unfair. It stands for "that's so not fair" and is often used in situations where someone feels they have been treated unfairly or when they are complaining about something that they believe is unjust. The use of this abbreviation can be seen as a way of expressing sympathy or solidarity with the person who is experiencing the unfairness.

Examples of TSNF used in texting:

1. Friend 1: Can't believe my teachers gave me so much homework over the weekend!
Friend 2: TSNF! They must not know we have a life outside of school!

2. Person 1: I didn't get the job I applied for even though I have more experience than the person they hired.
Person 2: TSNF! You deserve better than that.

3. Sibling 1: Mom is making me do all the chores today even though it's my sister's turn.
Sibling 2: TSNF! I'll help you out when I get home.

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "tsnf"

tsnf :
that's so not fair

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