Definition & Meaning of "POTS"

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pots :
Plain Old Telephone Service

Usage of POTS

POTS, which stands for Plain Old Telephone Service, is a traditional telephone system that uses copper wires to transmit voice data. This service has been around for over a century and was the primary way people communicated before the introduction of mobile phones and the internet. POTS is still widely used today, especially in remote areas where other communication options may not be available.

Examples of POTS used in texting:
1. I still can't believe my grandma refuses to ditch her POTS landline and get a cell phone! #oldfashioned #POTS
2. My office building still relies on POTS lines for our phone system. It may be outdated but at least it's reliable! #POTS #technology
3. Did you know that POTS connections are not compatible with digital signals? That's why you can't use DSL internet and talk on the phone at the same time! #funfact #POTS

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "pots"

pots :
Plain Old Telephone Service

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