Definition & Meaning of "IHTSM"

What does ihtsm mean? View the definition of ihtsm and all related slang terms containing ihtsm below:

ihtsm :
i hate this so much

Usage of IHTSM

The abbreviation IHTSM is an abbreviation used to express one's disdain for a particular situation, person, or thing. The abbreviation stands for 'I hate this so much.' It is often used in text messages to convey a strong negative emotion towards something.

Examples of IHTSM used in texting:

1. Friend: "Hey, do you want to come over and watch this new horror movie with me?"
You: "No way, ihtsmscary movies!"

2. Coworker: "Ugh, we have to work late tonight."
You: "ihtsmworking overtime."

3. Sibling: "Mom said we have to clean the entire house before the party tonight."
You: "ihtsmcleaning, why can't we just hire a maid?"

Examples of IHTSM used in texting demonstrate that it can be used to express negative feelings towards any situation or thing, whether it's a movie, work, or household chores.

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "ihtsm"

ihtsm :
i hate this so much

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