Definition & Meaning of "FTS"

What does fts mean? View the definition of fts and all related slang terms containing fts below:

fts :
f**k that s**t

Usage of FTS

The abbreviation FTS can be defined as an expression of discontent or disregard towards a situation or task. It is often used to express frustration, disappointment, or a lack of motivation when faced with something that seems unpleasant or not worth the effort. It is a blunt and informal way of communicating one's disinterest or annoyance towards something.

Examples of FTS used in texting:

1. Friend: "Hey, wanna come help me move this weekend?"
You: "Sorry, I have other plans. FTS."

2. Boss: "I need you to come in on Saturday and work overtime."
You: "Ugh, FTS. I already work enough as it is."

3. Significant other: "Can you come with me to my cousin's wedding next month?"
You: "Nah, FTS. Weddings are so boring."

These examples of FTS used in texting demonstrate how the abbreviation can be used to express one's negative feelings towards a situation without elaborating on the specific reasons for them. It is a quick and efficient way to convey disinterest or frustration without getting into a lengthy explanation.

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "fts"

fts :
f**k that s**t
ftsio :
f**k this s**t I'm out
idfts :
I don't f**king think so

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