Definition & Meaning of "POETS"

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poets :
piss off early, tomorrow's Saturday

Usage of POETS

The abbreviation "POETS" is a humorous way of saying "piss off early, tomorrow's Saturday." It means that someone is encouraged to leave work earlier than usual because they have Saturday off. This saying is often used in workplaces where people work long hours during the weekdays and look forward to the weekend. It's a fun way of expressing excitement for the weekend and letting people know that it's time to relax and have fun.

Example 1 of POETS used in texting:
Person 1: Hey, do you want to grab dinner tonight?
Person 2: Sorry, I can't. I have to work late.
Person 1: Bummer, POETS?
Person 2: Yes, definitely!

Example 2 of POETS used in texting:
Boss: Can you stay a few extra hours tonight?
Employee: Sorry, I can't. POETS!
Boss: Haha, okay. Have a good weekend!

Example 3 of POETS used in texting:
Person 1: What time are you leaving work today?
Person 2: POETS! I'm out of here at 4 pm.
Person 1: Lucky you! Have a great weekend.

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "poets"

poets :
piss off early, tomorrow's Saturday

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