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nts :
note to self


Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "nts"

afcpmgo :
away from computer parents may go on
ayc :
awaiting your comments
bbp :
Banned by parents
code 8 :
parents are watching
code 9 :
Parents are watching
flames :
angry comments
g2gpc :
got 2 go parents coming
gaw :
grandparents are watching
ggpaw :
gotta go parents are watching
ih8p :
I hate parents
ihmp :
i hate my parents
ijpmp :
I just peed my pants
ilshipmp :
I laughed so hard I peed my pants
iydhantsdsaaa :
If you don't have anything nice to say don't say anything at all
kpc :
keeping parents clueless
lolpimp :
Laughing out loud peeing in my pants
lshipmp :
Laughing so Hard I Piss My Pants
lshismp :
laughed so hard I s**t my pants
mpaw :
my parents are watching
nb,p :
nothing bad, parents
nntst :
no need to say thanks
nts :
note to self
ntstt :
not safe to talk
[email protected] :
parents are watching
pach :
parents are coming home
pachs :
parents are coming home soon
pag :
Parents Are Gone
pah :
parents at home
parnts :
paw :
parents are watching
pcrs :
Parents can read slang
pezzas :
pimpl :
pissing in my pants laughing
pir :
parents in room
pitrtul :
parents in the room text you later
plams :
parents looking at my screen
plom :
parents looking over me
plomb :
parents looking over my back
plos :
Parents Looking Over Shoulder
pmp :
pissing my pants
pmpl :
piss my pants laughing
pnhlgd :
parents not home, let's get dirty
poscs :
parents over sholder change subject
ppppppp :
Prior Proper Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance
prw :
parents are watching
pwcb :
parents watching close by
pww :
parents were watching
rents :
rentz :
rofl&pmp :
rolling on floor laughing and peeing my pants
roflmaoapimp :
rolling on the floor laughing my ass off and peeing in my pants
roflmaopmp :
rolling on the floor, laughing my ass off, pissing my pants
roflmaowpimp :
rolling on floor laughing my ass off while peeing in my pants
roflmfaopimp :
rolling on the floor laughing my f**king ass off pissing in my pants
roflmfaopmp :
rolling on flor laughing my f**king ass of peeing my pants
roflpimp :
rolling on the floor laughing pissing in my pants
roflpmp :
rolling on the floor laughing peeing my pants
rotflmfaopimp :
rolling on the floor laughing my f**king ass off peeing in my pants
rotflmfaopmp :
rolling on the floor laughing my ass off pissin my pants
sfipmp :
so funny I peed my pants
swsw2b :
single when she wants to be

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