Definition & Meaning of "AI"

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ai :
Artificial Intelligence

ai means "Artificial Intelligence"


Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "ai"

4gai :
forget about it
afaiaa :
As Far As I Am Aware
afaic :
as far as I'm concerned
afaicr :
As Far As I Can Remember
afaicr4 :
as far as i can remember for
afaics :
as far as I can see
afaict :
as far as I can tell
afaik :
as far as I know
afair :
as far as I recall
afaiu :
As far as I understand
ai :
Artificial Intelligence
aiadw :
aiamu :
and I'm a monkey's uncle
aicmfp :
and I claim my five pounds
aight :
aightz :
aiic :
as if I care
aiid :
and if I did
aiight :
all right
aim :
AOL instant messanger
aimmc :
Am I making myself clear
ain't :
am not
aite :
aitr :
Adult in the room
aiui :
as I understand it
aiws :
as i was saying
asaik :
as soon as I know
btwitiailwu :
by the way i think i am in love with you
detai :
don't even think about it
dgoai :
don't go on about it
dwai :
don't worry about it
faic :
For All I Care
gyaithrnbibya :
get your ass in the house right now before I beat your ass
gyaitmfhrnbibya :
get your ass in the mother f**king house right now before i beat your ass
hai :
hait :
iai :
i am interested
ilbbaicnl :
I like big butts and I can not lie
ilykthnxbai :
i love you k thanks bye
kthnxbai :
Okay, thanks, bye
kthxbai :
ok thanks bye!
meatcurtain :
woman's private parts
newais :
nowai :
No way
sblai :
stop babbaling like an idiot
tai :
think about it
taig :
That's all I got.
tiai :
take it all in
tmaai :
tell me all about it
tmai :
tell me about it
tmsaisti :
That's my story and I'm sticking to it.
wai :
what an idiot
waiotc :
why am I on this chat
yaai :
You are an idiot

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