Definition & Meaning of "IAI"

What does iai mean? View the definition of iai and all related slang terms containing iai below:

iai :
i am interested

Usage of IAI

The abbreviation IAI is a common one that is used in texting and online communication. It stands for "I am interested," and it is often used to express interest in something that someone else has mentioned. For example, if someone were talking about a book they just read, you might respond with "IAI" to indicate that you are also interested in reading it.

Examples of IAI used in texting:
1. "Hey, have you heard about the new movie coming out next week?" "No, I haven't. IAI - what's it about?"
2. "I'm thinking about taking a cooking class this weekend. IAI - want to join me?"
3. "Have you seen the new exhibit at the museum? It looks really cool." "IAI - I've been wanting to check it out."

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "iai"

btwitiailwu :
by the way i think i am in love with you
iai :
i am interested
tiai :
take it all in

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