Definition & Meaning of "AFAIK"

What does afaik mean? View the definition of afaik and all related slang terms containing afaik below:

afaik :
as far as I know

Usage of AFAIK

The abbreviation AFAIK is commonly used in texting and refers to the phrase 'as far as I know'. It is used to indicate that the information being shared is based on the messenger's understanding of the situation or topic, but it may not be complete or entirely accurate.

Examples of AFAIK used in texting:

1) Friend A: Hey, have you heard back from the job interview yet?
Friend B: No, not yet. AFAIK they said they would let me know by Friday.

2) Parent: Can you pick up some groceries on your way home from school?
Child: Sure, but AFAIK we don't need anything urgent, right?

3) Colleague A: Do you have any updates on the project proposal?
Colleague B: AFAIK, we've received positive feedback from the client and are moving forward with the next steps.

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "afaik"

afaik :
as far as I know

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